I feel like too many people in these replies made your post about themselves. I’m heavier than you and did not take this personally at all, but I relate as someone who’s 20 lbs heavier than they were less than 10 years ago.

The ways our bodies change as we age and experience life often disturbs us. It doesn’t matter that we know they’ll happen; it still sucks when they do. Your first wrinkle, first grey hair, first time you notice stretch marks, first 5 lbs that turns into 10 and so on… all “firsts” few of us look forward to.

You are not alone and your feelings are valid.

But congratulations on the baby! That’s incredible. I don’t have any of my own yet, but I’m looking forward to having them… even if I’m not looking forward to all the hormonal/physical changes 😝. Hang in there, Mama, and give that little one a huge kiss from all of us, please ♥️.


Classical Singer & Amateur Prose Writer

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