Day 8: Writing at 3am

Well, that’s not true. I definitely sleep.

In fact, I slept until 12:30 in the afternoon today.

I must have been tired? Yeah, probably.

The day was uneventful… especially compared to yesterday.

So I don’t have many updates besides my plan to send my audition video (see yesterday’s post) to several UK conservatoires.

But I think I’ll also send it to opera companies and shoot my shot. What do I have to lose?

By the way, it’s in my unlisted videos. If you like classical art songs, you should go check it out here.

I’d be flattered if you do.

That kind of sums up my thoughts for today. Until the next one.

By Antoine Julien via Unsplash




Classical Singer & Amateur Prose Writer

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Ada J. Raven

Ada J. Raven

Classical Singer & Amateur Prose Writer

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